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Capturing the Unusual – Snow in the Pines

Anytime you see something unusual, grab your camera.

I’m not saying you should become a storm chaser or go out in the middle of lightning storms, but capturing weather, and the people that go out in it, can be a fun and rewarding. Snow in Pinehurst, North Carolina is rare, and doesn’t stay very long even when we do get it. According to official weather records, Pinehurst receives less that 3-inches per year on average and it does not last more than a day. Strong sunshine and well-draining sandy soils see to that.

Pinehurst Resort and County Club Putter Boy.
The Pinehurst Putter Boy turned his back on the snow overnight. By noon the next day golfers where enjoying the day.

So, when our first snowfall of the year came overnight, and the next morning promised a cold but sunny start, I was ready at 5 a.m. to capture the scene. I knew that afternoon temperatures would melt the small away the small amount of snow we did get. There was only about 2, at most 3 hours to capture it.

That night, I charged the battery, cleared the SD card, and packed the camera bag. Yes, I was a Boy Scout.

Carolina Hotel with a light dusting of snow.
The Carolina Hotel after an overnight dusting of snow.

So see all my images, please visit Snow in the Pines.

Photo Challenge:

Watch the weather forecast to predict your next great photo shoot.

Blizzard conditions in Pinehurst, North Carolina.
Blizzard Conditions

It only looked like Blizzard Conditions for this man as he cleared the driving range mats. Actually, all the snow was blown down from a near-by roof. But it did make for a neat shot.

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