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iPhone Lens Have Come a Long Way

Even though I've had my iPhone 11 for over a year now, I'll have to admit to just now using it as more. Photographers like me tend to minimize the benefits of using a Smartphone for photography. That for me is changing.

After all, why bother with a 12 mega pixel cell phone when I can just bring out my Nikon Z7 Mirrorless with 45 mega pixels and my complete set of interchangeable lens? Well, I'm hear to tell you that cell phones have come a long way. One example of how new cell phones have gotten better, and there are many, is the addition of sperate lens. Beginning with the IPhone 11, Apple introduced 3 dedicated lens. Before that, they used a single lens that could be zoomed. But all that did was crop the images, leading to a lose of quality.

Now, the iPhone 11 and the new iPhone 12 come with 3 dedicated lens: Ultra Wide Angle (0.5x), Wide Angle (1x) and Telephoto (2x). Changing from one to the other is just a tap away. Is this enough for me to trade in my Tamron 70-200 mm telephoto? No Way! But it sure wants me to start using my iPhone more. May even want to try using it for Street Photograph.

Here are 3 photos I took of the mural on the side of the former Coca-Cola bottling plant in Aberdeen, North Carolina. Each one was taken from the same position, to show you the different results from each lens.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens - Note how the wall seems to be angled backward due to barrel distortion.

Wide Angle. The barrel distortion is less than with the Ultra Wide Angle Lens.

Telephoto Lens

In other blog posts, I'll go over other features that make me want to use my iPhone more, like Time-Lapse, Slow-Mo and Portrait Mode.

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