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Near Full Moon at Holden Beach

Taking photos of the Full Moon is overrated. What do I mean? Well, take a look.

These photos were taken on the evening before the official day of the full Moon when the Moon was 97.8% full. The next day, it would have been 99.9% full.

How do I know this? Well you see, everything about the moon's stages is known and has been for 100 years. Today, all we need is an App. The one I use is The Moon. Go figure.

So how do you know where and when the Moon will rise on the horizon? Yup, another App: The Photographers Ephemeris. They offer a free desktop web version and a paid mobile version. Check it out at:

To sum things up, When photographing the full moon, don't overlook the day before and the day after the official day. You still can get some good snaps.

One more thing people forget. The full moon rises, but it also sets. So good pics are there to be had as the Moon sets around dawn, for those that like getting up early.

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