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The Village Center

Looking for the center of the Village of Pinehurst?

Without a doubt, it's the Roast Office and the Given Tufts Bookshop.

While most other places don't get started till after 10 am, this place is a center of activity from 6:30 and runs strong all day. Caddies, businessmen, busy moms, and retirees form a quickly moving line for their coffee and breakfast fare. And when lunch rolls around, they have that too.

Some sit and stay a while in their open, sunlit space. Others come to browse the fabulous collection of used books at the adjoining Given Tufts Bookshop.

Friendly volunteers stock the bookshelves with ones donated by the community. Looking for a copy of an out-of-print book? Just ask, they may have it.

I'm there often, so if you see me stop and say hello.

Words and Imagines by John Patota

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