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Learn Digital Photography Fundamentals Online, for free

I've reached my limit for watching the news, power washing and doing chores around the house. My feelings of desperation, fear and isolation have passed. On top of all the disruption and paralysis, I am adjusting to retirement. For 40 years I got up early, took a shower, shaved and went to work. Now, I miss my friends, co-workers, and the regular routine. Plans to travel North Carolina taking photos and telling stories have been put in hold. So are the classes I had planned on teaching.

Please don't get we wrong, people in this world have it far worst. I know that.

Pushing through it all, I've decided to keep busy with something productive by offering Digital Photography Fundamentals - live, online. This class is absolutely free, but limited to the first 20 participants.

The class will be taught using GoToMeeting. You will be able to see and hear me, and I'll be able to share my desktop. We'll have some kinks to work out, but it will be fun and I hope you will learn a lot. At the end of this class, you'll be able to take your digital photography from good to great, understand camera controls and learn to put a little bit of yourselves into every photo. Classes will be made up of lectures, demonstrations, critiques and discussions. The best part of every class is when I ask you to submit a few photos of your own work. We'll look at them in class and discuss what we like about them and what could have been done to make it even better.

Click on the link to read the class outline, see the schedule and register. Digital Photography Fundamentals Online

I hope you are all well and staying safe. And please, follow the advice of experts.

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