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Market House Sunrise

Every year on November 11, the sun breaks across the horizon such that it is visible thru the center arch of the Fayetteville Market House. This year, it will not be as spectacular as usual because of the fencing put up after protests earlier this year.

Nonetheless, the sun should be visible thru the topmost windows as it rises in the horizon.

The weather forecast is not ideal for Wednesday morning, but the rising sun can also be seen in almost the same position at sunrise on Tuesday, Nov. 10 and Wednesday, Nov. 12.

The Phenomenon was first noticed by Johnny Horne, a photographer for the Fayetteville Observer for 40 years. Each year, dozens of photographers join at the Market House in a atmosphere of celebration. Set your alarms early, bring your tripod and hope for good weather. Read more about the Market House Sunrise in Johnny's monthly column in the Fayetteville Observer, Backyard Universe.

Hope to see you there! Tip - set your aperture at f/18 to get the starburst. The large Depth of Field will be a bonus.

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