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Prancing Horse Therapeutic Riding

By John Patota December 12, 2021

Meet Johnathan.

This day, I found him atop Lana as he guided the Amish Draft Horse carefully over and around obstacles inside a large ring. Despite his disability, Johnathan was confident and in control as he gave out commands asking Lana to walk and halt. Remarkably, he started riding at Prancing Horse Center at age 3.

All the while, volunteers followed alongside carefully ensuring safety as Claire Sullivan, Program Director, called out instructions. After graduation from Pinecrest High School, Claire earned a Therapeutic Horse Management degree from St. Andrews University. Her passion for what she does shines through.

Prancing Horse Center began 37 years ago in Cameron, NC before moving to Hoffman, NC 3 years ago. They continue to serve as a teaching program for kids, adults and Veterans with physical and intellectual disabilities on a 30-acre horse farm with 13 well cared for horses.

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