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Walk with Nature

One can not exaggerate the beauty of this flat, desolate landscape.

Bald Cypress are rooted under the shallow waters of Lake Mattamuskeet.

Someone told me there is noting out here. I hold him their is almost everything I need.

Just as the majestic Sequoias rise from the floor of the Sierra Nevada in California, these Bald Cypress are rooted to the earth on the shallow bottom of Lake Mattamuskeet, North Carolina. Both can live up to 500 years, and equality impressive.

Standing on the edge of Mattamuskeet, seeing only water, broken by group of trees, reminds me the view from Yosemite Valley of El Capitan. At each one I marvel at nature, and it is at these places where I feel most spiritual.

The famous Naturalist, John Muir said "In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks". So true.

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