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We Need Photo Therapy, Now More Than Ever

Posting photos is good therapy, a distraction, a mental break. So I hope you don’t think I’m insensitive to what is going on around us now.

Every time l look at the news, it makes me even more concerned. So I’ve decided to stop watching, stay home as much as I can and read more.

I have several books on photography that I'll be reading over the next weeks and months. The one I can recommend seems appropriate now: Photo Therapy, Motivation and Wisdom by Rick Sammon.

Rick is a fabulous photographer, trainer and author. I am proud to call Rick a Facebook friend. Although we have never met, I can relate to his way of explaining complicated techniques and concepts is an easy-to-understand way. And boy don't we all need that! If you are not familiar with Rick, just do a quick Google search and get ready to be impressed. Now back to my book recommendation.

Rick's newest book doesn't have a single photo, well except for the front and back cover. But it is sure packed with information that will make you think about your own photography. In 22 quick and easy-to-read chapters, Rick makes us think about what photography means to us, explores the different between look and seeing, and asks us to steal like and artist, just to give you a few examples.

Each chapter starts with a quote, "If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera" - Lewis Hine. And ends with a mission, "Follow your heart and enjoy the process. Always." In between, Rick passes on his life-long love of photography and advice build on his own experience traveling to all parts of the world.

My favorite chapter is My 40 Sammonisms and All Quotes. In it, we learn photography is bite-sized nuggets like: The name of the game is to fill the frame, Dead center is deadly, and See eye-to-eye and shoot eye-to-eye, just to name a few.

Photo Therapy, Motivation and Wisdom is available on Amazon. Read a few pages, and check out the reviews. Full disclosure, I have signed up to be an Amazon affiliate. That means if you click on the link above and buy the book, I get a very, very small commission. You pay the normal price. I would never recommend a book that I do not own and have thoroughly enjoyed.

Holden Beach, North Carolina Sunrise. January 1, 2020
Brighter days are in store for us.

I know this country has been through worse. The Great Depression, World War 2, 911.

I also know that if we stay together, help each other and listen to the experts, we will get through it.

Brighter days are in store for us.

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